WOW, CNN Is Being Beaten In The Ratings By…..YOGI BEAR?

CNN sure as hell doesn’t know what it is doing. I remember when I was younger we had this friend of the family that did a very short lived public access show where he would talk about local sports. I think the ratings were his immediate family, our family and the guys where he worked. And if he were still around today he would probably STILL get better ratings than CNN. Advertisers are beginning to look at CNN the way the human body looks at mesothelioma.

The spectacular implosion of CNN is truly something to behold and it’s only beginning.

The self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” has been engaged in a running war with the legitimately elected President of the United States and has skewed coverage to provide the propaganda for his removal from office per the Democrat/Deep State objective.

But President Trump has been punching back and many of his blows are landing, in particular, the classic tweet of him body-slamming and beating a man with the network’s logo for a head.

That video drove CNN over the edge and a relentless effort was made to locate the creator of the video, smear him as a racist and anti-Semite and then blackmail him – quite possibly a violation of the law. It turned into a public relations disaster as well with the hashtag #CNNBlackmail shooting to the top of Twitter.

That came on the heels of the humiliation of having to retract an anonymously sourced story linking a Trump advisor to a Russian investment fund. It was all a lie and resulted in the firing of three of the members of CNN’s ballyhooed new investigative unit.

Toss in several guerilla videos from Project Veritas showing insiders admitting that all of their Russian conspiracy theories are “bullshit” and a bogus quote from Honest Abe Lincoln and you have a recipe for a ratings catastrophe.

Like getting beaten by reruns of Yogi Bear cartoons.

According to The Federalist “Ratings Collapse: CNN Now Losing To Nick-At-Nite In Prime Time Ratings War”:

Last week, more Americans tuned in to watch re-runs of “Yogi Bear,” “Full House,” and “Friends” on Nick At Nite than to watch Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon’s shows on CNN.

According to cable ratings from the week of June 26-July 2, CNN’s viewership of its primetime shows was ranked significantly lower than its competitors like Fox News and MSNBC, which place first and second respectively. Clocking in at No. 10 on the list, CNN fell behind HGTV, Nick At Nite, History Channel, and ESPN — the sports network that’s been hemorrhaging viewers for months.


It probably won’t be getting better anytime soon for CNN.

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