What Would You Do? Mom Absolutely FURIOUS After Teacher Gave Her 11yr Old Boy This In Class!

I remember when I was eleven and we were given stuff by our teacher, it was things like school supplies as prizes and things like that. I think that the idea that the assumed rapid maturation of children causes teachers to forget a lot of the times that they are still dealing with children. When her 11-year-old son brought home candy in a prescription medicine bottle,Sydney Durkovich grew outraged.

Why had Jack, her little boy, been given anything to do with medicine at Lake Elementary School in Oceanside, California? What was his teacher doing, trying to get him addicted to prescription medications like pain killers? But the boy’s fifth grade teacher merely though it was a gag.

The educator had rewarded students Skittles candy in a blister pack. But this was not viewed favorably by the outraged mothers…

 Not only was the packaging similar to what someone would get from the pharmacist, it also included labels from the state. Sydney worried that her impressionable boy would soon believe that he should eat prescription medications like candy.

“My jaw dropped,” said the mom. “I’m like, ‘Jack, what is this?’”

Jack remembered how angry his mom was on that day. She yelled louder than normal. “My mom was like, ‘No, this is not OK.’”

“Kids are very impressionable,” said Sydney. “I just don’t know what [the teacher] was trying to teach.”

Because Sydney planned to make a big deal out of this, she sent an email to Jack’s teacher. But she didn’t just leave it at that – she also copied the school principal and the school district. She wanted to get to the bottom of this serious issue.

 Why were her impressionable fifth grader given candy masked as medicine?

An administrator answered Sydney’s email. The outraged mother was told that they were looking into what happened. The teacher has not responded to any inquiries.

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