What This Green Haired BRAT Is About To Do To Her GRANDFATHER Will Make You See Red…

Me and my grandfather always had a great time together and if I acted like this little brat we were about to talk about I probably wouldn’t be able to type. Whenever my mother and my grandma would go shopping, they would have him drive them to the store in this big van he had and we would be stuck there for hours. All was good though, because grandpa was a bit ahead of his time.

He somehow hooked a VCR up to a portable television in his van and we would sit and watch movies and whatnot. One of his other habits is that he would tape the baseball games on TV if we were going to be at church so we could watch them later. Which sometimes happened in the van while grandma was grocery shopping.

Yes, it did take her damn near the length of a baseball game. I think of good times like that and when I hear about the spoiled little brats of today I almost want to cry.

We all know not to come between an emotional, distraught teenager girl and her iPhone. And as the video below demonstrates, it’s not joke when she goes without it in perfect working order for a few minutes. And one grandfather learned this the hard way after she shouted and emotionally abused him in public in an embarrassing display of parenting.

And they say that people are happy during the holidays…

The footage, which is filmed in an American mall, shows what is perhaps the biggest “spoiled brat” in America, cursing and screaming at her seemingly mild-mannered and kind grandfather because they are late for the appointment they made at the Apple store for her iPhone.

Because the teen is having some problem with her iPhone, they made an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar to fix it and now that she is going without, the emotional teen is taking out her rage on her poor grandfather.

While standing in line with her grandfather, the green-haired teenager is visibly distraught that she won’t be able to make her iPhone appointment on time.

She turns to her grandfather and shouts at him: “I don’t want to wait in line for 20 f*****g minutes doing absolutely nothing when we’re supposed to be at our f*****g appointment.

Although the brat is shouting and cursing in his face, the older gentleman demonstrates a remarkable amount of patience. He doesn’t even seem alarmed by the teenager’s lack of self-control and her lack of respect.

The bratty teenager dramatically flails her arms around, oblivious to the videographer behind her catching every moment of the embarrassing tantrum.

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