VIDEO: “I’m Not Ready To Die”, Three THUGS Get Brutal Payback After SHOOTING This Marine….

If I were going to rob someone’s house, I would make sure that this person was not a veteran. The reason being is that veterans are made of a particular substance that keeps them from tucking tail and running in the face of danger.

You always hear people say, NEVER mess with a former Marine. Three criminals from Alabama thought they would attack one such man, and he taught them a lesson they will never forget.

62-year-old Michael Irving is being called a hero in his hometown of Theodore, Alabama. Irving has been battling colon cancer for two years and is a former Marine. When three thugs knocked on his door and shot him with a shotgun, they instantly regretted it. Irving grabbed his pistol and shot ALL THREE OF THEM!

Irving told the tale of what happened that day. He stated he heard a knock on his door, so he went to answer it. As he did, he engaged three people, one with a shotgun. The assailant with the shotgun pulled the trigger and hit Irving.

It took some time to recover, but the former Marine was able to grab his pistol and threw the door back open, and he immediately took a shot at the thug with the shotgun. He dropped, and a girl standing next to him leaned down to grab the shotgun. Irving warned her not to touch it; she did, so he shot her too.

Finally, the last assailant had an automatic gun that was jammed up. While messing with the gun Irving also got a shot off at her! The wounded trio fled but didn’t make it far.

Before long they called to get help for their wounds. They were taken and treated. All three survived. Now they are sitting in jail awaiting their trial for committing such a foolish act.

The motive for their crime was robbery. The assailants were seeking prescription medication Irving had for his cancer. It is unknown whether it was pain medicine or something else entirely.

It’s a good bet these three will think twice before they try to rob someone again. Having a shotgun doesn’t mean ANYTHING. These three young punks got owned by a 62-year-old man.

Cases like this also prove a valid point for why we NEED our guns. If there were strict gun control laws, the criminals would have had their guns, and Irving would have been helpless. BUT because Irving had his gun to protect himself he came out on top as a hero.

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