VIDEO: Firefighters Heard Crying Coming From Buried Hole. They Kept Digging Until..

Firefighters definitely have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Think about it, there’s not too many other jobs where your day might involve running into a burning building.

Firefighters deserve so much more than they get. Without a doubt, firefighters serve such a profound purpose for the community. They don’t just stop fires when something is burning. Firefighters come to the rescue when someone is unwell, after a car accident and even when a cat is stuck in a tree.

Nevertheless, the salary they earn is meager compared to much less valuable jobs in business and the media. Don’t you think firefighters deserve a proverbial bonus? Allow this story to inspire you to their greatness and see how a group of firefighters saved an animal’s life after a shocking incident…

 Terriers, especially, are quick to run from home. If the door is open, good luck keeping your frisky terrier from running outside. And Cookie the terrier was no exception. As soon as she saw an opening, she bolted and sped away from home. On her adventures, she came across a deep hole and began to burrow further into it. Little did she know, but the tunnel she had decided to furrow into was about to collapse.

As soon as it did, Cookie became trapped in the dirt. And the timer on her life began ticking away. She didn’t have much oxygen down there and if rescue did not come soon, she would perish under the ground.

Obviously, Cookie was not a fan of being buried alive. Eventually, a townsperson heard her cry and called the trusty fire department. When the firefighters arrived, the professionals grabbed the shovels and began heaving the dirt out of the opening of the tunnel. After they realized that was not enough, the fire and rescue team used a high-tech infrared imager to pinpoint Cookie’s exact location.

In the video shared to Facebook, you see the fire team working tirelessly to save Cookie before she asphyxiates down there. And her owner is seen creeping up to the opening of the tunnel after hearing the dog’s whimper. She calls out to Cookie and reassures her that help is coming for her. Even the owner starts digging with the hopes of making a dent on the project. But the firefighters don’t take this as an opportunity to slow down, instead they redouble their efforts and work to get these happy pair reunited again.