VIDEO: Cop’s Daughter Was Told To Remove This Flag, So He Took Immediate Action…

I had a neighbor growing up whose son was a member of our local police force. Every week she had her lawn done by him. On the weekends he couldn’t do it, someone from around the neighborhood did it. It was done out of respect.

Lots of neighborhoods and subdivisions have rules regarding exterior decorations and other quality of life issues to help property owners maintain the value of their homes. But sometimes, those rules can be just a little too restrictive, as one Florida man is finding out.

Meet Jeff Gaddie. The Jacksonville area man has found himself at odds with the organization that manages his subdivision. He has been fighting for the right to fly a “Blue Lives Matter” flag on his daughter’s front yard, but has been told he can’t. You will not believe what they are saying about his flag until you read the story.

Jeff Gaddie says he has been flying a “Blue Lives Matter” flag on his daughter’s front lawn for years now. But recently, he was contacted by the neighborhood homeowner’s association and told that he had to remove it because of complaints by other residents that they saw it as racist.

Speaking with WJAX, Gaddie said “Although some people would like to think that it does, it has nothing to do with that.”

Apparently, neighborhood association regulations only allow for US flags and military banners, and his “Blue Lives Matter” flag is outside of specified guidelines. Gaddie contends that there are other flags that are outside association guidelines that have been permitted to fly, and he has made several attempts to contact the group tasked with enforcing regulations.

“So far, the board has not answered any phone calls, they don’t answer emails, they haven’t responded to the appeal notice.”

In the meantime, Gaddie has scanned the neighborhood association’s guidelines and come up with a workaround that he thinks will pass muster, temporarily: he is projecting slides of “Blue Lives Matter” flags onto his daughter’s garage door at night.

“It doesn’t seem to quite be covered that a projector from a vehicle projecting on your garage door is a violation of the HOA.”

Gaddie, a former law enforcement officer, says he plans to take up the matter at the next association meeting, stating “If it was something for some other non-important cause, it wouldn’t be an issue, but something this important you almost have to.”