Trump Stared The Mexican President Down And Issued An Epic 7 Word DEMAND!

One of the things that we need in this country more than anything else is to be kept safe. We need to know that our families are safe when they are out of the house and that some illegal criminal isn’t going to harm them.

Ever since he announced his candidacy, President Donald Trump’s position on erecting a border wall with Mexico has not changed. Although the critics have repeatedly scoffed at him, President Trump seems to be getting closer to his promise that Mexico will pay for the wall’s construction.

During this week’s G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, President Trump met with Mexican President Enrique Pena-Nieto. President Trump said yesterday during the conference that “Mexico will absolutely pay for the wall,” which will cost an estimated $21.6 billion, via Daily Caller.

So far, the White House’s proposed budget for 2018 only allocates $1.6 billion for the wall’s construction. This means that President Trump plans on Mexico paying for the bulk of the wall.

For their part, the Mexican government insisted that President Pena-Nieto did not discuss the border wall with President Trump during their meeting.

While the White House has yet to reveal any specifics about exactly how Mexico will pay for the wall, many pundits have already begun speculating about President Trump’s potential options.

One involves renegotiating NAFTA in such a way that Mexico must pay for the wall in order to retain its preferred trading status with the U.S., via Reuters.

Another option is to heavily tax remittances sent over the border by Mexican citizens living in the U.S. legally and illegally.

Such remittances arguably provided the biggest “cash cow” for the Mexican economy. Since Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, remittances to Mexico have hit record highs, via Wall Street Journal.

President Trump’s insistence on Mexico paying for his border wall has been laughed at repeatedly by the American Left. They see the plan as impossible. They have even enlisted former Mexican president Vicente Fox as their profanity-laden spokesperson.

American liberals seem unaware that Fox holds no real power in Mexico, and that furthermore he is often seen as the leader who sent the Mexican Drug War into overdrive, via Jacobin.

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