Trump Hits A Bullseye With New Video That RIPS Hillary To Shreds!

Sorry, but Hillary Clinton should be reminded of the deaths in Libya she was responsible for every second of every day until the day she dies…

Donald Trump just slammed Hillary in another scathing ad that shows her scandalous responses to the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Just watch it for yourself below and then make sure you share it with everyone you know!

Donald Trump fired an Instagram broadside at Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, splicing together a video of complaints from Benghazi victims’ relatives about her initial explanation to them for the 2012 terror attack in Libya.

The short clip includes three family members saying Clinton told them a crude anti-Islam Internet video titled ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ sparked protests the spiraled out of control outside a U.S. diplomatic compound, leading to the deaths of the American ambassador to Libya and three other personnel.

The closing seconds show Clinton laughing uproariously during last October’s hearing before a special congressional committee investigating the bloodshed.

‘We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video,’ Clinton is shown saying during an Andrews Air Force Base ceremony to repatriate the victims’ remains three days after their deaths.

Cut to Patricia Smith, mother of the late diplomatic information officer Sean Smith, one of the victims.

‘She lied to me. She told me that it was the fault of the video,’ Mrs. Smith says in a Fox Business Channel broadcast that aired on March 11 of this year.

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