Trump Gives 50 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Hillary. Number 19 Says It All!

The funny thing about all of this is that from a list of fifty, it barely scratches the surface of reasons why you shouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton with the safety of the country….

As The Hill reports, Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump released a 35-page document criticizing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over topics including her foreign and economic policies.

The document, titled “Top 50 Facts About Hillary Clinton From Trump ‘Stakes of the Election’ Address,” goes through 50 claims Trump has made against the presumptive Democratic nominee and uses various articles and other information to defend them.

Trump attacks Clinton for topics ranging from her “disastrous” trade deals to the paid speeches she previously made to Wall Street groups.

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Fact 1: Clinton Trade Deals “Are Disastrous”
Fact 2: Clinton Lied About Her Landing In Bosnia
Fact 3: Clinton Performed Favors for Donors As Secretary Of State
Fact 4: The Clintons Made Millions From Speeches To Special Interests
Fact 5: Clinton Supported Her Husband’s “Disastrous” NAFTA Policy

Fact 6: Clinton Supported China’s Entrance Into The WTO
Fact 7: Since Hillary-Backed Trade Agreements Adoped Nearly 1/3 Of Americas Manufacturing Jobs Have Disappeared
Fact 8: The Trade Deficit With China Soared Under Clinton As Secretary Of State
Fact 9: China Stole Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars In Intellectual Property During Clinton Tenure At State
Fact 10: Clinton Gave China Millions Of Jobs And Grew Rich In Return

Fact 12: The Clintons Profited From Speeches To Chinese Interests While She Was Negotiating With China
Fact 13: Clinton Supported TPP Which Will Destroy Jobs
Fact 14: Clinton Deleted The TPP Record From Her Book And 30,000 Emails
Fact 15: Clinton Will Adopt TPP

Fact 16: Clinton Will Betray Workers On Trade
Fact 17: Clinton’s Foreign Policy Has Cost Americans Thousands Of Lives, Trillions Of Dollars, and Unleashed ISIS Across The World
Fact 18: Among Clinton’s Victims Was Ambassador Chris Stevens


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