VIDEO: These People Killed A Cricket. What Happened Next Is The Stuff Of Nightmares!

My father is a retired exterminator. After spending twenty plus years in the military, he decided he still needed something to do while he was still young enough to do anything.

So he became an exterminator and worked for the same office until about a few years ago when he finally retired. Anyway, one day we were talking on the phone and I started asking him about odd incidents that he has encountered during his time as the town bug man.

He told me that the worst thing that he had ever encountered called a horsehair worm. The way he described it to me was like the thing that pops out of people’s chests in the movie Alien…

It’s a nasty little parasite that likes to infest insects like roaches, crickets, grasshoppers, and beetles. Once inside, the parasite alters the creature’s brain chemistry and makes it commit suicide in a body of water, which is the only place the worm can breed.

Occasionally, you might kill a bug that was already carrying a horsehair worm. When that happens, you often have a front row seat to some top-notch grossness.

Watch and learn how you kill these terrible creepy-crawlies.

That is probably the grossest thing I think I’ve ever seen.