The Reason A Naked Man Gave For Being In A Couple’s Chimney Is Absolutely Insane!

I love watching those dumb criminal shows. It’s a good way to study human behavior. I mean, who in their right mind thinks its a good idea to rob a bank with a zucchini….but this guy….Firefighters had to cut Jordan Kajewski,29, out of a chimney in Iowa where he was charged with trespassing.

Brad Sapp, the owner of a reclamation business, was sorting aluminum cans in the town of Carroll, when he heard someone whisper “Get out of here.” He went home to tell his wife what he heard, and she made fun of him. Just a few hours later, while he was at work, screams were heard coming from the chimney.


His wife told the deputies that man said, “I’m in your chimney. I was playing Hide and Seek with my cousin … Don’t call the cops, I just need some help getting out.” The Sapps did call the cops. It then took over a dozen members of the Carroll Fire Department to get him out. They had to hammer out a whole in the bottom to get him free. Authorities said he was naked, wearing nothing but soot. Sapp said he recognized the man as being the person who had been asking him about a job recently. Kajewski’s clothes were in the chimney, and he didn’t say why he removed his clothes.