Sickening Soros Plot To Take Down Fox News Has Been EXPOSED

They just cannot get over the fact that they lost and they might be throwing the most expensive temper tantrum in history. After losing the 2016 election, Democrats are increasing the efforts of their propaganda machine.

The George Soros-funded “watchdog” group Media Matters claims they have won the war against Fox News, as the network restructures following the ousting of Bill Shine and Bill O’Reilly (via Breitbart).

Media Matters was founded by Clinton ally David Brock, and receives millions of dollars from George Soros. The group claims its goal is to keep right-wing media accountable, but their aim is pure censorship. Media Matters was behind the coordinated attack against Bill O’Reilly, and they are currently working to eliminate Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

Media Matters keeps an updated list of all of the advertisers on Fox News flagship programs, and encourages their lackeys to contact the companies and urge them to stop advertising on Fox News. David Brock, the founder of Media Matters, is a longtime ally of Hillary Clinton. During the last election campaign, Brock founded Correct the Record, a media watchdog dedicated to protecting Clinton’s reputation.

Correct the Record would monitor the internet for any anti-Clinton forums, and send in their horde of interns to shift the narrative, or “correct the record,” in an attempt to undermine popular forums.

After the election, David Brock was devastated. The Democrats lost the election, according to Brock, because they were not in complete control of the media narrative.

Brock decided to shift focus. He declared that the war on Fox News was over, and that his group would shift focus to alternative media outlets. Breitbart, in particular, was listed as the new target of the Soros-backed propaganda machine. The news outlet ShareBlue was founded by Brock to be a Breitbart of the Left.

In an internal memo leaked by Free Bacon, David Brock reveals his plan for destroying right-wing media and taking down President Trump. “ShareBlue becomes the go-to news outlet for grassroots Trump opponents,” explains the memo, adding, “Trump allies [will be] forced to step down or change course due to news we push.”

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