People All Over The World Are Fawning Over The Way This TEXAN Saved This Little Critter’s Life!

One thing I absolutely love about my friends in Texas is that they are kind to everybody and everything unless they are given a darn good reason not to. Hell, a relaxing day on the lake won’t stop a Texan from performing a good deed for somebody in need.

texas man holding baby fawn on boat

A man in Texas was boating on Lake Buchanan earlier this week, when he spotted a baby deer struggling in the water. He acted instinctively and jumped into the water to save it.

The video below shows the man making his way back toward the boat with the scared fawn under his arm. As he reaches the boat the person recording asks the rescuer what he plans to do with the fawn. “Well, we can leave her here to drown or we can put her in a boat!” the man replies from the water. His friends quickly move to take action.

But the best part of the video is at the very end– when the rescuer has the baby deer safely in the boat. The smiling man cuddles the fawn in his arms as the boat rocks them along.

His heroic actions have already gotten international attention, with news sites as far away as the UK and Australia sharing the story.

And if the video weren’t sweet enough, the deer-savior is pretty cute, too. You might say he looks like a million bucks. Get it? Bucks? What a deer man. (Alright, I’m done. I promise.)

Check out the heartwarming video below and share this act of kindness today!

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