OUCH! Thus Guy Got Shot And Removed The Bullet Himself!

Oh god, if that isn’t something that’ll make you put down your sandwich…

There are a number of things which I would hope I never have to do to myself. Naturally, there’s also a list of things I have to do to myself because others won’t do it for me.

However, there are certain things for which you should always seek outside help, such as surgery. A video of a man squeezing a bullet out of his leg is currently going mega viral, as is his bullet wound. Rather than seek a medical professional to extract the bullet, this guy does it all by himself.

bullet leg

While I hate to judge a book by its heavily-scribbled-upon cover, I imagine there are a few legal reasons why this man decided not to go to a hospital like a normal person. See the video over the page.

This where we would usually warn you that the footage is graphic. But as someone who can’t stand zit-popping videos, I’m pleased to be able to tell you that this footage is far more palatable.

As you can hear from the audio, the home surgery aficionado had already extracted a bullet from himself two years prior. The identity of our man is unknown, presumably because he doesn’t want the authorities to come knocking and start asking difficult questions like “why do you keep getting shot?”

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