NY Mayor Bloomie Just Got Some Bad News From The Feds!

The mayor of New York is one of those people that just comes across a complete and total jackass in every way shape and form. He also seems like one of those people that if you found out that he had robbed a bank in his teens I would believe it.

The New York Daily News reported that in a stunning revelation, the federal government is reportedly investigating New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for his involvement in the sale of Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn.


U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office issued a subpoena to the State University of New York requesting all communications between them and de Blasio over the sale of the hospital dating back to 2014, when de Blasio was sworn into office.

“The clear target seems to be de Blasio,” said an anonymous source who the Daily News described as being “close to SUNY.” The source also indicated that the subpoena was unclear about what exactly was being looked for.

LICH was run by the state and, unsurprisingly, losing money, so SUNY wanted to shut it down and sell the property. But de Blasio, who was New York City’s public advocate and a mayoral candidate, sued the state to try to keep the hospital open, but lost.

Then, de Blasio struck a deal to sell the building shortly after becoming mayor. Fortis Property Group bought it and planned to develop the property into housing, and a “freestanding emergency department” stayed in place to meet community needs for medical care.

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