Judge Jeanie Rips Hillary A New One, Exposes Her Lies Yet Again!

Why anyone seriously supports Hillary Clinton when they aren’t being held at gunpoint is beyond me…..Hillary Clinton, the failed Secretary of State under failed President Barack Obama, likes to talk tough, but her actions defy her rhetoric time and time again.


To wit, Judge Jeanine Pirro asks a simple question of Clinton that she would never want to answer: “Hillary, how can you keep us safe when you can’t even say who the enemy is?”

Responding to a campaign trail promise that a Hillary Clinton presidency would result in Islamofascist terrorists being hunted down and brought to justice, Pirro said on her FOX News Channel program Justice, “You’re going to hunt them down? How long do your hunts take? Who’s been brought to justice in the attack in Benghazi?”

Pirro takes Clinton to task for her politically correct responses after the shooting at Fort Hood where then-Major Nadal Hassan cried out “Ahallu Akbar” as he systematically shot his former brothers in arms. Pirro railed on Clinton for her Orwellian “double-speak” of the last seven and a half years on the matter of Islamofascist terrorism on American soil and her penchant for calling it “workplace violence.”

She also criticized Clinton for her complacency in removing the word “Islamic” from the term “Islamic extremist” after the assassinations of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his security detail in Benghazi. The Obama Administration, in no short measure of influence from the Clinton State Department, “nuanced” the wording so as not to “inflame the anger” of the bloodthirsty jihadis.

Pirro’s overall point is one that has been posited for years. How can a nation successfully defend itself from a foe it refuses to accurately identify, especially when the foes is a non-nation state player? Any first-year cadet at any military academy can explain – in laymen’s terms – why identifying your enemy is the first step in defeating your enemy.

In the first hours and days after September 11, 2001, a terror-struck nation immediately identified the offenders as Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda in concert with the Afghan Taliban. It would later come out that there were probably links to the Pakistanis and the Saudis. Yet through the tenure of the Obama/Clinton regime we have moved away from accurately identifying the killers of almost 3,000 people on that fateful day and, instead, our President bows to the King of Saudi Arabia.

Hillary Clinton, who as First Lady was “co-president” to Bill, had the opportunity to counsel her husband to take out Osama bin Laden before his murderous plot was in a position to be executed. This singular failure proves she will knowingly allow a threat of Islamofascist nature to foment to the point of full potency, thus making the US vulnerable to an attack that this time could end up being nuclear in nature.

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