Joy Behar Took Another Absolutely Sickening Shot At The First Lady….FIRE HER!

I have always said that you can say just about anything about me that you want, but the second you bring people I love into an argument…that’s when things can go south for you really quickly.

Liberals are the type to take no prisoners….just like ISIS. If you disagree with them on something they will go after you and your whole family even if your family has literally nothing to do with the reason why they are mad at you in the first place.

The last time I checked, Melania Trump doesn’t have the power to sign any executive orders. If President Trump has a stomach ache next winter, she won’t be able to fill in for him to deliver the State of the Union Address.

I can get why people go after someone that they don’t like, but to go after their family is beyond. I can’t stand Barack Obama, or his alleged wife Michelle. Couldn’t stand their asses the whole eight years he was in office. Not ONCE did I ever go after the kids because they are kids. The only reason anyone went after Michelle is because she was trying to meddle in matters far above her paygrade.

Outspoken anti-Trump comedian Joy Behar appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers Tuesday night and said that she feels sorry for first lady Melania Trump.

“How do you frame Melania?” Meyers asked The View co-host. “Are you one of these people that has sympathy for Melania or do you think that we should judge her exactly like anybody with free will?”

Behar, responded that “I feel sorry for her.”

“She had to sleep with him once. At least once she did right? And then when she was in New York and we had to pay a million dollars a day to keep her here just because she doesn’t want to sleep with him, we have to pay for that. I didn’t like that,” Behar said.

Meyer agreed, saying, “I don’t want to sleep with him, but nobody gives me any extra money. They don’t pay my rent.”

 Tuesday’s interview was not the first time Behar has attacked the Trump family.

In May, Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., was a guest on The View panel, where he discussed President Trump’s decision to remove the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

Franken said that he did not want to explain to his children why he didn’t do more to deal with climate change.

“President Trump has grandchildren also,” Behar said.

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