He Shot At Someone ROBBING HIS BUSINESS…Somehow He’s Going To PRISON!

I have never owned a brick an mortar store, but I have known several people that have and I subscribe to the same belief that they do. If you reach over to the other side of the counter on the side where the cash register is all bets are off.

If you try to steal from a place of business don’t be surprised if something ends up happening to you.

Of course, in our dumbed down liberal society, if you defend yourself in any way that involves a weapon more lethal than a coffee cup or a legal pad the snowflakes will come out in full force to make you out to be a monster.

A convenience store owner from Spanaway, Washington has been sentenced to 8 years in prison after shooting a thug who stole from his establishment.

According to Q13 Fox, surveillance footage from the March 25, 2016 incident shows 31-year-old Min Sik Kim asking a group of men loitering outside his store to leave.

While he was outside, 21-year-old Jakeel Rashon Mason can be seen attempting to steal cigarettes from behind the counter of Kim’s store.

The footage shows Kim and Mason subsequently engaging in a fight. Ultimately, according to Q13 Fox, Kim can be seen shooting Mason in the back as he flees.

As King 5 reports, prior to this incident, Min Kim’s wife was shot in the stomach by another thug attempting to rob their store.

Kim subsequently pled guilty to second-degree murder.
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