Cops Arrested Her For Using Meth. What Actually Was In Her System Had Them Seeing Red…

I actually got pulled over one time in the middle of the night when I was driving home from somewhere and the cop asked me to step out of the car and do the field sobriety test almost right away. Almost before even asking for my license and insurance.

It was the weirdest thing. I don’t drink and had actually just driven someone home from a bar that needed a lift. I had gotten some dental work done that day so my mouth was packed with gauze and despite this I got pulled out to do the whole deal.

The officer was so extremely apologetic when they finally realized that the whole thing was one big mistake. I guess the story from their end is that they set up shop not too far away from the bar that I was driving away from and end up catching people..

When a Georgia woman was found with what police officers thought was methamphetamine residue, she was arrested and thrown in jail. For days, she waited behind bars, as the pleaded for the officers to check the spoon with the residue on it again. And when they checked, they realized their error and set her free.

23-year-old Ashely Gabrielle was arrested and charged with the possession of methamphetamine or crystal meth. Gainesville officers pulled her over for a routine traffic stop and found the residue in her car. She told the officers that the residue was simply dried pasta sauce from a can of SpaghettiOs but they refused to believe her.

When they checked the evidence again, they realized the “meth residue” was only pasta sauce…

At the time, the police officers were not willing to listen to the woman whom they thought was carrying drugs. Although Gabrielle had no criminal history, they refused to double-check the evidence. Instead, they arrested her and locked the innocent woman up for days.

“I think she said it had been SpaghettiOs,” Hall County assistant public defender Chris van Rossem said.

Meanwhile, the police lab tested the residue on the spoon. When the scientist came back to the police department with the results, they had a sly smile on their face. Their tests had never come back with pasta sauce before.

“The Crime Lab report showed no controlled substances on the spoon submitted for testing,” Northeastern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Lee Darragh admitted through clenched teeth. Darragh signed a dismissal and officially set the innocent Gainesville woman free.

Huff tried to fight the arrest. She knew she was innocent as she had never touched crystal meth before in her life.

“She’s maintained all along that there’s no way in hell that’s any sort of drug residue or anything like that,” van Rossem said.

She attempted to go through the Hall County Drug Court and fight the incorrect charge. But the court did not make her appointments.

But she was unable to make her bond payment and was reincarcerated on August 2. She then waited in jail for days while the public defender got his act together. And when he came on the case on August 11, he wanted her to make a plea deal – even though she had done nothing wrong. Luckily, the district attorney’s office dismissed the charges before he could have take the felony charge.

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