CONFIRMED: Sanctuary City Mayors ARMING For Revolution Against CONSERVATIVES!

Liberals in the Uinted States have practically made life as a conservative a bit of a tricky path. There is a gentleman that I spoke to the other day who is also a Trump supporter that the first words out of his mouth when I was talking to him were “you better not be recording this.”

So-called Progressive mayors and governors have been planning for this moment for decades.  They were content building their illegal alien populations as long as they were winning elections but Red-State America eventually awoke and has begun fighting back.

Here is how these mayors and governors benefitted from the presence of massive numbers of illegal aliens in the cities and states that they govern:

Congressional apportionment is based on overall population without regard to citizenship.  That means a states like California that has a minimum of 35 sanctuary cities with a reported 2.5 million illegal aliens living in them are over represented in Congress.  Whether they can vote or not (and only a fool believes that they don’t,) the Marxists that California sends to Washington do.

If the reported number of illegal aliens is accurate, and there’s every reason to believe those estimates are off by at least a factor of three, California is over represented in Congress by 6.3%, and maybe as much as 19%.  Is there any wonder why these globalist powerbrokers are refusing to assist President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission?

With as many as 10 unwarranted representatives in the House (and electoral votes,) these illegal aliens increase California’s voting power in the House by more than the entire delegations of 31 states!  Just as important is the effect this has on presidential elections where electoral votes determine the winner.

 Nationwide there are an estimated 600 cities that offer sanctuary status to illegal aliens giving those advocating for them out-sized voting power.  Essentially, the votes of American citizens are being diluted in favor of people who have no legal basis for being here.

This voting power can be maximized or minimized through the long established practice of Gerrymandering districts. 

This explains why Democrats have taken to the courts to keep Republicans from realigning voting districts because Republicans intend to minimize illegal aliens’ control over our Congress.

So let’s just state the facts – illegal aliens from Mexico and South America hold greater sway over both Congress and our presidential elections than even the largest American state.  That’s right, in Washington Mexico calls the shots!

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