A Dying Man Walked To An Old, Abandoned Church. Then Something Truly Miraculous Happened..

It’s a terrible thing to find out that you are sick and dying. Often times, someone will look to the heavens and ask why it is happening to them.

Greg Thomas was 57 years old when he was diagnosed with stage-four cancer. He was given just a few months to live, and doctors told his family to start planning for his funeral. Though his body was growing weaker, Greg managed his stress by taking walks with his beloved dog through the Minnesota countryside.

On one fateful day, he took a different path than normal. It led him to a 150-year-old church that was built by Czech settlers.

Greg could see that the small wooden church, which had been abandoned, was beginning to decay. The paint was peeling off, the roof was tattered and the floor was rotting. No one had prayed inside for 70 years.

Greg and his dog took a seat on the front steps of the church. He began to cry, and then prayed for a miracle.

That’s when the dying man felt a sudden urge to enter through the church doors — and once inside, he was struck with a strong sense of duty.

Despite his illness, Greg knew right then and there that he wanted to restore the church back to its original glory.

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