Huge Inauguration Threat Has Been Issued Against President Elect Trump!

You know what? If these people were so pissed off at the idea that Donald Trump had a chance of being president, than maybe they should have voted. The level of hatred the left has for the patriotic and no-nonsense 45th President of the United States is slated to come to a boil on inauguration day.

Anarchist groups are threatening to shut down Donald Trump’s swearing in ceremony by any means possible. Thousands of police officers and security agents are being deployed to Washington, D.C. in preparation to guard the President-elect and his supporters from a potentially violent mob.

Washington, D.C. police officials are expecting at least 900,000 people to flood the capitol on inauguration day. Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham revealed more than two dozen activist groups for demonstrations – which claim to be peaceful in nature.

Approximately 3,000 police officers from outside Washington, 5,000 National Guard troops and federal agents will create a buffer zone, crowd-control barriers and bag checks outside of the inauguration area.

The Bikers for Trump are also expected to be on hand to help curtail any disruptions or violence on January 20.

Newsham said his department is aware of anarchist groups vowing to disrupt, perhaps even thwart, the Trump oath of office ceremony, via online rants. “That’s one of the things that we have to prepare for,” the Washington, D.C. police official added.

“The fact that you have some folks that are indicating on social media that they’re coming to shut down the inauguration events is something that we will be prepared for,” Newsham continued. “We’ve experienced that type of thing before in the city and we’ll be able to handle it.”

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