If You Need Food Stamps, Why In The HELL Are You Driving A Lexus?

My mom was on food stamps for about six months when I was twelve. My father had gotten into an accident at work and she was only working part time. It took a bit before the worker’s comp money came in.

So there was a bit of a gap in the cash flow into the family. My mom swallowed her pride and applied for food stamps. We were on them until the worker’s comp money came in if I remember correctly.

Fraud is everywhere in this country, especially now with millions of Americans taking advantage of things like food stamps and welfare for their own gain. A New York lawyer recorded a woman who was a buying a cart-full of soda with food stamps. Allegedly, she was going to sell this soda at her own gas station for profit.

The Muslim woman goes into a rage as the man claims she is taking advantage of taxpayers. The woman says “F*** America” and flips off the camera as she and a man load the soda into a car. If this is true and this woman is buying these sodas using food stamps and then reselling them in her store, then she is abusing the system. This isn’t new—tons of people are using the system for their own gain.

The worst part is this woman’s feeble attempt to shift the blame. At one point, she tells him that his accusation is “stereotyping.” There’s no reason to think this man is accusing the woman because she’s Muslim! But people who take advantage of the system know liberals will bow at the slightest accusation of bigotry.

Not this man. He continues to tell the woman he saw her pay for the soda with food stamps, and that he thinks she’s going to turn around and sell the soda at a gas station.

She denies it, but she doesn’t give a reasonable explanation for her behavior. She doesn’t say he’s mistaken, that she didn’t pay with food stamps, or that her pop is some kind of charitable cause. Instead she says, “It’s our food-stamps. You can’t tell us what to do.”

Later, she turns to threatening him with violence and accusing him of wrong-doing. To me, that’s how you know someone is guilty. An innocent person would have simply explained to this man what was going on. A guilty one, particularly a guilty liberal, just calls his or her accuser a bigot and thinks that excuses illegal behavior.

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