Liberal California Raised Min Wage On Jan 1, This Happened Almost IMMEDIATELY!

You know what, it isn’t like we didn’t tell the liberals that this was going to happen literally every day for the past year or two. We have told you about a million times about what a terrible idea it is to arbitrarily raise the minimum wage because it makes you feel good inside.

However, Democrats still insist on ignoring basic economics in favor of tugging on heart strings. What else is new? California, a state led by some of the most unintelligent people on the planet, decided to raise the minimum wage starting on January 1st. Guess what happened?

From Federalist Papers: On January 1, California’s minimum wage went up to $10.50 an hour and by 2021, the minimum wage will reach  $15 per hour, the number that has gained a great deal of attention over the years as “the fight for 15” movement has gained traction. One local business owner in the state penned on op-ed in the Los Angeles Times that laid out the case for why it’s not workable for many small businesses.

Houman Salem wrote that he is “the founder of a small fashion design house and clothing manufacturer in San Fernando.” He continued:

After two years in business, my company now has more than 150 clients from all over the world and 18 employees. It’s what’s known as a cut-and-sew house, part of the garment industry that generates about $17 billion in annual economic activity in Los Angeles County, including $6.9 billion in payroll, according to a 2016 industry report by the California Fashion Assn. This is the epicenter of apparel design and manufacturing in the United States; domestically manufactured clothing is more expensive, but retail and wholesale customers who care about quality and working conditions have historically been willing to pay for it.

Unfortunately, the industry is on a downward trend. Los Angeles County used to have more than 5,000 apparel factories; today, my company is one of roughly 2,000 — and  many (e.g. American Apparel) are looking for a way out. One Los Angeles Times headline, quoting a California State University economist, warned that “the exodus has begun.”

The wage increase has pushed Salem to move to Las Vegas, Nevada, where the minimum wage sits at $8.25 an hour.


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