A Young Man Was Kidnapped, His Father Hit His Kidnapper With An Epic Dose Of Justice…

When my son was about four years old, my wife and I took him to an amusement park. It was his first time to a big park and we were so excited to take him. Probably more excited than he was to go.

Almost like it was written for a film, at some point in the day we turned our backs for two seconds to find somewhere that he could use the bathroom and when we looked down he was gone.

For about the next ten seconds, I had this violent feeling of dread and nausea go through me. Either my boy ran off or he was kidnapped. Luckily, he was playing hide and seek with us behind a garbage can. Some parents aren’t so lucky…

In the following video clip, a distressed Dad takes the law into his own hands against the man who kidnapped and raped his 10 year old son.

When Gary Plauche learned that his son’s kidnapper and rapist was being transported back to receive justice, he was there at the airport waiting for his return.

When 25 year old Jeff Doucet is escorted past a bank of payphones in the airport by authorities, Plauche pulls a handgun from his boot and shoots Doucet in the head, dropping him instantly. Doucet would die the next day in the hospital.

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