MSM Covering Up What Trump Did Years Ago For A Young Girl With An Extremely Horrible Disease!

Sometimes, people do things just to be nice and because it is the right thing to do.Liberals will be shocked by what Donald Trump did for one little girl well before he considered running for president.

An old episode of The Maury Show, which aired in 2000, had a little girl as a guest. She suffered from brittle bone disease, also known as osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), so Trump sent in an encouraging video as well as a substantial check.

This girl was around ten years old at the time, but because of her condition, she was only 32 inches tall and unable to walk. The average height of a girl that age is in the 50-inch range.

The reason they were on Maury’s show was so that the girl, Megan, could meet another little girl with the same condition as her. The other girl was Tiffany, who was six at the time, and she brought flowers for her new friend.

But this story touched Donald Trump’s heart, and he wanted to help Megan in anyway he could, so he gave Megan and her mother a huge check to help them. This is what Donald Trump does—he helps those in need.

“I think you are so beautiful,” Trump stated to Megan, “both inside and out…I had a little something, a little gift that I gave to Maury. He’s a friend of mine…I gave him a little gift for you, and I hope you and your mother have a good time with it.”

Trump has always been known to do good things for his communities and the people who live in them, but the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge it. Instead, they just continue to paint him as a racist, hateful man.

Liberals painted Hillary Clinton as a saint during the election and had absolutely nothing good to say about Donald Trump. And yet, he’s one of the biggest charitable givers I have ever seen. He has a lot of money because of his business success, but he is more than willing to share it.

This is the type of man that is going to be our president—he cares about the American people and our communities. He always has, and he always will. His generosity is not a scam he pulled just to get elected—it was the honest to God truth.

People can say what they want about Donald Trump, but they can’t deny that he has a great heart and sympathy for his fellow man. And this is something that will help him greatly during his time in the White House.

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