Six Women Are Sitting On This Couch. Can You Spot The Missing Set Of Legs?

I think for about as long as the internet has existed there have been certain phenomena that seem to take it by storm each passing day it seems almost. I remember the lively discussions that I  heard some folks engaging in with the is the dress gold or blue or whatever it was a year ago…

It seems we have a new one now, and to be honest this may by the most puzzling yet.

Well this is quite the conundrum isn’t it? There are six woman with six torso’s yet there only appear to be five sets of legs.

According to Huffington Post– Hundreds of Reddit fans took on the original poster’s challenge to “find the middle girls [sic] legs.” Most people could only find five pairs of legs, but there are six smiling faces with torsos in the photo.

A lot of people believed the woman was simply “woman spreading,” with one leg draped over the friend to her left and one leg tucked under the woman to her right. Others believed that the woman farthest to the left was simply sitting on top of her own feet, hiding the bottom part of her legs from view of the camera.

The picture created so much of an internet storm that “Fox & Friends,” after two days of discussing the phenomenon on national TV, did their own deep investigation into the photo.

Turns out the apparently legless woman, Anna Mantifel, was baffled by her lack of legs too.

The six women re-created the viral photo for Fox’s investigation to provide a little bit of clarity to the couch conundrum.