This New Song About Hillary’s Dishonesty Is Making Her Go Straight To The Fainting Couch!

I always get a kick out of when people use their talents to entertain as well as give people that need it a good solid poking.

Hillary’s lies are pretty hard to keep track of, but this hilarious song will remind you of her worst blunders! “Its always hard to find someone, even in the FBI, to file charges against slippery Hillary” the song goes, to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Honesty.”

She claims that she was consistent with all her views her whole life, but this is a flat out lie. She was for our vetting process remaining the same, then she called for “tougher” vetting. She was against same sex marriage, then she was for it. It’s hard to tell what is truth and what is lies.

She makes up parts in stories to help embellish them, like her landing “under sniper fire” in Bosnia, where they were not allegedly received by a greeting party. But this is a lie told to make the story a little bit spicier. (via the Washington Post)

This song joins the many on the internet that are shoving Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisies into her face, effectively rubbing salt in the wound. And shows exactly why many people did not vote for the Democrat in this election.

She’s a liar and a fraud, and always will be. She’s covers up information, she had a whole list of deceased that were allegedly killed by her cronies because they knew too much, and she embellishes to make it seem like she’s more important than she is.


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