Metallica Frontman: Dealing With Liberals DROVE Me Out Of California

Most liberals that I have encountered are a lot like vegans, they let you know that they are liberals without you even asking. Sometimes, without you even having any direct contact with them.

Metallica drummer Las Ulrich said he would leave the US if Donald Trump won the election, but being a liberal he is full of shit and didn’t follow through. The band’s singer/guitar player James Hetfield however has integrity when it comes to moving away from a place his disagrees with ideologically. Metallica’s frontman recently moved out of California because, as he says, he was sick of the liberal elitists.

Hetfield moved from the San Francisco area, where he has lived since the early 1980’s, to Vail, Colorado. On The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Hetfield explained to the host what prompted the move: “I kind of got sick of the Bay Area, the attitudes of the people there, a little bit. They talk about how diverse they are, and things like that, and it’s fine if you’re diverse like them. But showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn’t fly in Marin County. My form of eating organic doesn’t vibe with theirs,” Hetfield said.

Hetfield is an avid hunter and a member of the NRA, so the fact that California has the strictest gun control laws in the country probably contributed to his move. Still, it was the people, not the laws, that got under Hetfield’s skin.

“There was just a… I don’t know… I felt that there was an elitist attitude there — that if you weren’t their way politically, their way environmentally, all of that, that you were looked down upon,” continued Hetfield.

Hetfield describes people in Colorado as being the opposite of Californians in that. “they’re less obsessed with stopping what you’re doing and more enjoying what they’re doing.” He also said the “attitude” in California was “unhealthy” for him and he felt like he was fighting all the time.


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