Johnny Carson Pulled This Boy Out Of The Audience And Absolutely Changed His Life!

To this day, I still watch the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Now, I know he has been off the air for decades now. Thanks to several over the air digital stations and the odd online video, I am able to find some particular gems in terms of episodes.

It brings me back to a time that quite honestly, I wish I could go back to. Not necessarily when things were simpler, because they were never really simple. But when there was some level of dignity on television. Before every talk show was trying to out-filth the other, Johnny was everyone laugh.

You could sit with your college friends, your grandmother or your minister and watch Johnny Carson and all laugh like you were about to pass out.

Imagine being in the audience of The Tonight Show. 20+ million people are watching. Famed classical pianist Horacio Gutiérrez could not play one night on the show because of an accident he had with his hand. Johnny Carson asks the audience if there is anybody who can play piano.

 A man by the name of David Tolley raised his hand. He was brought down and given the opportunity to play.

Check out what happens:

That was amazing. And it DID change his life. Tolley is now music professor at the University of Delaware, but this chance happening allowed him to play at The White House, tour Europe with Jon Anderson from the band Yes, write music for Disneyland Paris, and more.

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