HUH? Black Waitress Told A Black Customer She Doesn’t Like Serving Blacks?

There are some things that when you hear them you know that they are words that are being spoken in English; but you cannot fathom how they are being said in the order they are being said in. You can be excused if you’ve never heard of Ricky Smith before, but apparently he is a comedian. He was recently at an Olive Garden in Ohio and supposedly experienced some terrible racism. He claims a black waitress told him she doesn’t like serving black people. In another version of this story, Smith sexually harassed the waitress, but only racism matters and the waitress has been suspended.

TMZ gives us Ricky Smith’s take on events: Smith tells TMZ … his crew had just finished handing out lunches for his organization, RAKE, on Tuesday and they worked up an appetite for endless soup and breadsticks. Smith claims they were small talking with their waitress when she just casually told them she doesn’t like waiting on black people.

Turns out, the waitress was a black woman. The comedian tells us he politely went to the manager and requested a new waitress after this, but was given 2 options — keep your waitress or leave. When they refused, cops were called and Ricky says police politely escorted them out.

Now you might be wondering if the black waitress was so damn racist against a black guy, why did the cops come and make Smith and his group leave? The NY Daily News has a slightly different version of events: While Ricky Smith claims an Olive Garden waitress said “she doesn’t like serving blacks,” a 911 call from an employee at the restaurant chain accuses the comedian of sexually harassing the server.

An unidentified employee requested police assistance for “customers who are getting rowdy with our only female manager.” “They are making racist comments and refuse to leave the restaurant.” The female employee also accused Smith and his group — she said there were four men and one woman — of “making sexual comments” to the server. The table also tried to buy alcohol for minors, the woman said on the 911 call.

Here’s what I’m getting out of all this: Ricky Smith and his gang of miscreants made sexually inappropriate comments to the black waitress. She in turn complained to the manager, who I am assuming is a white woman. The manager tried to get Smith’s posse to behave themselves and they responded with racist anti-white taunts and insults. The cops were called and Smith tried to cover his ass by claiming that the black waitress was racist.

I think my estimation of events is backed up by the fact that Smith and his crew were physically removed from the Olive Garden by the police.

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