Cher Makes A Threat For After The Election We Can ALL Get Behind!

One of the things that I really do not understand are the people that are threatening to move to Canada when Trump becomes president. Why the hell would you want to go there? It’s cold all the time and things will get better once Trump is in office.

The news of Donald Trump’s impending victory on Tuesday just got a little sweeter. Super-liberal pain-in-the-ass Cher has stated that if Trump wins, she will one-up other lefty celebrities who have threatened to leave the country, and actually leave the planet. It’s a gift the entire world can enjoy.

According to The NY Post, Cher was hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. She complained that Trump fans call her a “libtard” and then try to establish her credibility with working class voters by bragging that her mother had married a “really rich guy and we moved to Beverly Hills and it was like the Clampetts.” She also talked about how much she hates young people calling them “the dreaded millennials.”

With no one left to insult, the rich liberal elitist gave us a dire warning that we could lose her epic awesomeness forever. She said if Donald Trump wins the White House, “I’m gonna have to leave the planet.”

Cher is a lunatic, but I don’t think she has really thought this through. If Trump wins, that means he’s President of the United Sates and in charge of NASA. As much as he’d probably like to shoot Cher into space, I doubt he’s going to approve a billion dollar mission to achieve that. I know liberals feel like they are entitled to free stuff, but in post-Obama America that gravy train is screeching to a halt.

Another option for Cher would be Russia, who according to the democrats are in cahoots with Trump, so that’s a no go. She could maybe see if China would blast her into the stratosphere, but they are probably just as disinterested in this as anyone else for financial reasons.

That pretty much just leaves Elon Musk’s Space-X if Cher wants to get off this planet. Unfortunately, the guy who the media calls a genius can’t seem to figure out how to launch a rocket without it blowing up. If she goes with a Musk-Rocket Cher won’t be with us anymore, but charred little bits of her will still be on this planet. I know the last thing a liberal wants is for anyone to know they lied about something.

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