After Lobbing HORRIBLE INSULTS At President Trump, Robert De Niro Got Absolutely Ripped Apart!

I simply cannot stand it when I hear all these pampered asses in Hollywood try to tell everyone else how to live as if they are the only ones that have the right answers.

Pampered Hollywood liberal celebrities just can’t seem to shut their mouths when it comes to Republican President Donald Trump. This is particularly true of washed-up former A-lister who are straining to stay relevant and keep in the spotlight by “taking a stand” in the current heated political debate.

Sadly, this is true of iconic, Academy Award winning actor Robert de Niro, who has suffered a string of box office flops. In a recent talk at Brown University, de Niro attempted to score points with his fans by trashing Trump and calling him an “idiot.” Thankfully, people were quick to call de Niro out on his smears.

De Niro stated that the country has become “ridiculous” under President Trump. He said that “in movie terms,” the United Stated used to be “an inspiring uplifting drama” but now has turned into “a tragic dumbass comedy” during Trump’s presidency.

He said that Trump liked to boast about shaking things up, and said, “And you know what, now, you did shake it up, buddy. You shook it up real well. But now we have to get back to reality.” Talking about how Trump was famous for being on NBC’s The Apprentice, Robert commented, “We have a president now who is here because he was on one of those shows. And where are we? There might be people who disagree on that. It’s just a nightmarish situation as far as I’m concerned.”

Web commenters did not take kindly to de Niro’s attacks on Trump. Wrote one Breitbart reader, “De Niro is just another old butthurt liberal who’s off to the dust bin of history with the rest of the losers.” Added another, “Like Hillary they just refuse to go away. I have no tolerance for these despicable narcissists and I believe I’m not alone.”

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