ABC Risking Losing The Few Viewers It Still Has With A Horrible Deal For Hateful Katy Perry…

It’s almost as if ABC is trying to make me throw my television out the window. I would need help, it’s a big TV but if they do what they are talking about doing they can just straight kiss my butt from now on. The struggling, staunchly liberal ABC Television Network seems to be continuing its curious strategy to alienate conservatives.

Days after ABC provoked fury with its cancellation of Tim Allen’s hit Friday night comedy Last Man Standing – which many suspected was because the show’s star Tim Allen is an outspoken conservative- it was revealed that they’re paying outspokenly liberal pop star Katy Perry an astonishing $25 million to be a judge on the revamped American Idol.

According to TMZ, Katy is pocketing the huge sum because ABC is in desperate need of a high-profile judge to renew interest in the once-popular singing-competition series which it is bringing back in 2018 after the show enjoyed fourteen hit seasons on Fox.

ABC is coming off another low-performing season with no new hits, as it continues to lean heavily on elderly, unscripted shows such as The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars for ratings. The Disney network is hoping desperately for a hit in its Idol relaunch.

TMZ reported that Fox — when it still had Idol — tried to hire Perry as a judge in 2012 but their $20 million offer was turned down. When ABC came knocking with an even larger check, a source told TMZ that”Katy had all the leverage. If ABC ended up announcing the show without a judge, they’d be screwed.”

Perry herself commented on her move, tweeting: “SO thrilled @ABCNetwork is bringing back @AmericanIdol, and I’m bringing it back to the MUSIC see you at auditions.”

Middle America, which loved the show, will be less thrilled since the many Idol fans are Trump voters who will not appreciate Perry’s presence and left-wing activism potentially politicizing the show.

Perry has made no secret that she holds Trump voters in contempt. After Donald Trump’s election victory, the Roar singer posted a series of hysterical tweets stating Republican voters were enemies of reason and reform:

After the election, she couldn’t shake off the setback to her sensibilities, joining the Women’s March, speaking out against “normalizing hate” and releasing a single  called Chained to the Rhythm which featured lyrics such as “Break down the walls to connect, inspire/ Ay, up in your high place, liars.”

Perry joins former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos and TV drama supremo Shonda Rhimes as left-wing activists on the ABC payroll. The bias becomes even more marked when you think how anti-Trump The View and the rest of ABC’s news division has been lately.

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