A Top Education Department Official Has QUIT…

One of the thing that we do not need in our government right now are any Obama holdover appointees. All they are going to do is throw monkey wrenches into the good work we are trying to do in getting the country back on track.

Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail that he would be the first candidate in a long time, if not ever, to make a strong effort to “drain the swamp”. Basically, Trump understands that Washington is bloated and needs to be made more efficient. We also have a pretty serious problem with government officials never being held accountable.

This week, the swamp was drained a little bit more. It looks like a top Education Department official couldn’t handle the heat from Betsy DeVos and quit.

From Politico: The head of the Education Department’s student financial aid office has resigned after more than seven years on the job following an apparent dispute with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over his scheduled testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

James Runcie, chief operating officer of the Office of Federal Student Aid, “submitted his resignation to the department last night,” effective immediately, the agency said in a press release. Runcie had been slated to testify on Thursday before the House Oversight Committee regarding the department’s rising improper payment rate for federal student aid programs. Interesting.

Apparently, Runcie didn’t want to testify about the government’s ballooning federal aid program.

According to a resignation memo obtained by Buzzfeed, Runcie wrote that “I cannot in good conscience continue to be accountable as Chief Operating officer given the risk associated with the current environment at the [Education] Department. I have been consistently on record and clear about not testifying at the upcoming hearing on improper payments. He added that he had “not heard a single compelling reason” the department would need him to testify.

According to the Politico report, Runcie seems to not like DeVos very much.

Good riddance.

This guy has been around for 7 years and was an Obama appointee.

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