A HUGE Arrest Has Shaken Killary’s Campaign To The Core!


Good Lord! For those of you playing at home, at least one of you has to be getting near filling out your Clinton Scandal Bingo card. I mean, there are so many of you that we handed the cards out to at the start of the game. I’m beginning to assume that most of you stopped playing because there were just simply too many scandals to keep track of.The Clintons have found themselves embroiled in yet another scandal after a skeleton in their closet came back to haunt them in a big way.

Ng Lap Seng, 68, is a Chinese billionaire who was at the center of an illegal foreign donations scandal during Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign in 1996. According to Daily Mail, the Macau-based Seng was accused of funneling over $1 million in illegal foreign donations to Clinton’s campaign.

Afterwards, Seng refused to come to the U.S. to cooperate with congressional investigators in the case as it became an international scandal that raised suspicions about the Chinese government trying to influence the American election.


Now, however, Seng has reappeared in the United States and is being held in New York on bribery charges that are unrelated to this case.

The House Oversight Committee revealed this week that they will try to interview Seng about the Clintons, and some groups are calling for Congress to grant him immunity from the charges in return for testifying.

“We plan to request an interview,” said a spokesperson for the committee.

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